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Tarbell Realtors San Clemente Office Client Bill of Rights.
You have a right to:
  1. A well-trained, competent, ethical and respectful professional to serve you.
  2. Communication in the manner and frequency that you, the client desire.
  3. Have your real estate professional’s obligations and responsibilities explained to you clearly.
  4. Be informed of the entire process for buying a home or selling your home, including your rights and responsibilities as a buyer or seller.
  5. Expect a well-defined yet dynamic marketing plan for the sale of your home and that it will be marketed as promised.
  6. Be informed of, for your approval, any actions that may influence your transaction as soon as reasonably possible.
  7. Expect your professional to present all (or any) offers to purchase your home for you to consider, accept, counter or decline as a seller or to present any and all offers that you make as a buyer, and to insure timely communication to the other principals (parties) to the transaction.
  8. Have your personal confidential information shared only with the parties to the transaction who have a need to know such information, with your written approval if necessary.
  9. That your personal confidential information will be stored in a secure environment by your real estate professional.
  10. Be told in advance by your Real Estate Professional of any fees, costs, or commissions that are required as part of any transaction and to have a clear representation of the effect on your bottom line (net costs or net proceeds).
  11. Have your real estate professional actively work to solve any challenges during the transaction and inform you of the same.
  12. BE provided copies of all documents pertaining to the transaction, immediately, upon execution or demand.
  13. Provide feedback or concerns relative to the performance of your Real Estate professional to the local Association of Realtors, their managing broker, or the California Bureau of Real Estate, in the event you believe your legal rights have been compromised.


From Laura Ginn, #1 Tarbell Agent, 2015 and 2016, Presidents Circle of Excellence:

"I have has the pleasure  to be a part of the Tarbell San Clemente Office since 2002, when I began my real estate career.  While wrestling with the decision as to where to affiliate, I met Brent Jorgensen at a Career Breakfast.  I knew instantly that this was both the manager and the Company for me.  I owe my success to Tarbell, REALTORS and to Brent.  the company's training is invaluable and Brent's dedication, support, caring attitude and sense of humor has made the San Clemente Office a most enjoyable place to work.  That first decision back in 2002 has been positively confirmed time and time again ever since."


From Judy Hart Perrault, President's Circle of Excellence 2015

I joined the San Clemente Tarbell office over 10 years ago.  I chose the office primarily because of Brent Jorgensen, its manager.  I was new to the industry and believed I would find the best training and support system with Brent.  I was right.  I also believed I would find the office atmosphere supportive and nurturing based on Brent's philosophy of professionalism and collegiality.  He continually fosters a unique office environment where everyone is willing and able to help each other.  In an industry where realtors are independent contractors competing against each other for business, it is a rare office where the members really are colleagues.  Brent also consistently focuses on keeping each of us well informed on changes in the industry, changes generated by our Association, etc., which as a busy realtor, I find extremely helpful.    I've been solicited by many other brokers to join their offices and my response is always "I'm very happy at Tarbell, San Clemente".


From Nora McLaughlin, Tarbell Diamond Circle of Excellence 2010-2015

"Brent Jorgensen has been my manager for 9 years now.  It has a been a great pleasure for all of us here in San Clemente to have such an inspiring leader.  He is always there when we need him and really knows his stuff.  He makes certain that we all are constantly current on changes in the industry and market.  He makes the latest marketing techniques and resources available to us.  We are a family here and Brent has made the office feel like home.  It hasn't always been easy. Nothing really worthwhile ever is, but I could not have asked for a better manager." 


From Chris Stewart, Platinum Circle of Excellence 2003-2014

"It has been a pleasure working with Brent for the past 14 years at Tarbell San Clemente.  What most impresses me is his knowledge of the business.  I have often sought his advice regarding different issues that surfaced over the years.  He makes it his priority to keep us all current.  It is very evident that he has great values in his own life.  What a great person to work with!  He always cares and has the time for each of us."


From John Ginn, President's Circle of Excellence 2015

"I have had the pleasure of  having Brent Jorgensen as  Manager for over 9 years now.  He is great to work with for many reasons, and has created an office atmosphere and culture that is very enjoyable.  He is extremely knowledgeable and is very dedicated to our office and our team.  He works to help us us to achieve our goals.  I could not have asked for a better manager and mentor.  He makes it easier to work in this ever-changing Real Estate Industry."


Welcome to Tarbell, REALTORS, San Clemente, and the rewarding field of real estate sales!  Opened in the spring of 2001 with only a handful of pioneers, Tarbell, REALTORS San Clemente has grown to be a powerful force in South Orange County Real Estate with over 75 full-time, producing sales professionals and the fastest growing market share of any local agency.  Tarbell, REALTORS IS southern California’s largest private family owned real estate company with over 3000 agents.


Brent Jorgensen, manager of Tarbell’s San Clemente Sales Center, brings a rich record of real estate sales success to his position.  A member of Tarbell’s Platinum  Elite Sales Achievement Circles,  he has been resident of San Clemente for over 27 years.  He and his wife Garnett are the parents of six children, who have all grown up in San Clemente. 

“Our priorities are God, family, and career in that order.  Sales people must have balance in their lives to be at their best”, he says.  “They need other things as well.  I see myself as a coach, not a manager.  Agents need straightforward solutions and tools to help them be effective.   They also need hands-on experience to use those tools effectively.  We help them organize a plan and then set objectives for their business.  From there it is consistent hard work and follow-up.  We work very hard to maximize their time, talents, and effectiveness every step of the way."

Tarbell, REALTORS, San Clemente, A Continual Investment in Our Agents!

  • Quick Start:  Tarbell's Accredited Real Estate Institute Featuring Comprehensive Basic Training for All New and Transferring Agents-One Week Long-Restarting On the First Monday of Each Month
  • Post Quick Start:  Designed to Follow and Reinforce Quick Start Training-Held at the Local Office Level to Develop Agents' Business Plans into Practical, Hands-on Daily Real Estate Activities-Four Weeks Restarting on the Third Monday of Each Month
  • Success Workshop SeriesSpecialized Advanced Classes, Training Workshops, and Brainstorming Held Twice Monthly  Both on the Corporate and Office Levels Involving the Most Current Industry Topics, Trends, and Ideas
  • Computer and Technical TrainingOngoing Technology Training From Novice to Advanced at Both a Corporate Training Lab Setting as Well as Weekly Two-Hour Workshops at the Office Level

Tarbell, REALTORS, San Clemente, Making Your Training Pay Off!

  • Accountability:  Yearly, Monthly, Daily Business Planning, Goal Setting, and Record Keeping-Quarterly Individual Agent Business Reviews
  • Coaching:  Non-Competing Manager With Proven Sales and Management Experience Whose Door Remains Open All Day
  • Weekly Coaching Roundtables:  Weekly Roundtable Support and Brainstorming Designed to Help You Meet Your Initial Business Objectives Faster
  • Expectations:  Clear, Published Expectations for Both Agents and Management

Tarbell, REALTORS, San Clemente, Provides Comprehensive Support !

  • Imagination Marketing:  Tarbell's Own In-House, Award-Winning Advertising Agency Provides Complete Design, Layout, Copy, and Printing Support for any Marketing Idea You Can Imagine!
  • Nationally Recognized Advertising:  More Local and Regional Advertising Exposure Than Our Next Two Competitors Combined!
  • Branding and Stability:  Rapidly Approaching 90 Years as Southern California's Leader in Sales, Reputation, and Customer Service
  • Market Share:  Over 20 NON-FRANCHISED Sales Centers in Southern California Available to Every Agent!  There Really is a Tarbell Sales Center in Your Area!
  • Affiliated Services:   Hartford Escrow, Landwood Title, Banc Home Loans, and Tarbell Insurance Services-One Single Quality Source for All of Our Clients Closing Services
  • Relocation:  An Active Member of the Nation's Largest Network of Relocation Services
  • Preferred Properties and Estates Division:  A Unique and Successful Alternative to the Traditional Marketing Methods for Luxury Homes

Tarbell, REALTORS, San Clemente is located in the sparkling new Courtyards at Talega, 1001 Avenida Pico, Suite N, only a few miles east of the San Diego freeway on the corner of Avenida Pico and Avenida La Pata.  Put Our Proven Programs to Work to You.  We would be delighted to be of assistance!

San Clemente
1001 Avenida Pico Ste N
San Clemente, CA 92673-6956
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