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Education is the Key to Success...Let's Make Our Communities Stronger One Family at Time....One Home at aTime

I truly believe that homeownership makes stronger families and therefore stronger communities. As a parent, a school teacher, and realtor I have developed a strong work ethic and have been striving to instill these values in my son and my students.  I inherited my work ethic from my father who as a very young man traveled from field to field with more books than clothes in his luggage trying to educate himself.  With a meager salary and seven mouths to feed my father saved enough and bought his first home.  He was a proud homeowner and he pushed us to get a college degree so that we may someday live "The American Dream".  My climb to success was made easier because of my father's determination to learn and to work hard to make his dreams come true and to make our dream come true. I am the proud beneficiary of my father’s legacy and I will use my knowledge, skills, and commitment to help you make the right decision whether it is to buy, sell, or rent. Buying your first home can be rewarding if you make the right decisions for you and your family, but it can also be full of uncertainty. I am continuously training so that I can share with you the most up to date real estate information; this allows me to provide you with quality and reliable service. Let me help you in this process to make your real estate dreams a success.

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