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Real Estate has certainly changed since I began my career with Tarbell!     The original one page offer has now become 10 pages.      Our specialty is making  clients feel like they are  the only clients.   They know they can rely on me and my partner/ son, Trent  Locke, to assist them in  buying or marketing a home, land  or income property.    We fully understand that purchasing a property without someone," watching your back"..is unnerving.  We are  there for our clients every step of the way!      Formerly in banking I was told, "Charlette you have the personality for real estate sales."  I started to believe that my caring for clients needs in the bank was almost the same as caring for their wishes in buying a home.  Receiving clients  cards, gifts  and letters  of thanks mean  everything.   They are such a welcome reminder of a job well done!" 

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