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         "A Degreed Professional You Can Trust"

our home is the single most valued and important possession you will have in your life.  To handle the buying and selling of real estate requires vast knowledge of this fluctuating market, an in-depth understanding of real estate law, and the integrity that is required of this major responsibility.  Keeping up with today's market of short sales, foreclosures, REO properties, etc. requires continued education which I maintain certifications and renew them regularly.

With my years of experience in dealing with real estate investment properties, I can easily guide my clients through the process of making a sound, strong financial decision.  As a licensed tax professional, I am also capable of providing the most current tax law benefits of owning real estate.  And with my years of negotiating business contracts, I am ready to protect my client's best interest. 

Through many years of volunteer service, I believe in giving back to the community.  You may find me on a hike, taking inner city children out to explore and learn about our natural environment.  Or you may find me doing a community walk for a good cause.  Getting involved in community service is an extension of helping out my clients.

Whether buying or selling, my clients are fully informed with all the resources I provide.  As a professional, I am dedicated, educated, and driven to provide the best service possible. 

I am also fluent in Spanish - Estoy a su servicio!

             Thank you for choosing me, Ruth Parsons, as your Realtor.....

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