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"I know how hard my clients work to achieve a prosperous life.  And no matter where they are from, most strive for the American Dream of home ownership.  I will do whatever it takes to make the dream come true for them"

Like His Father Before Him, Danny Vallejos has a Simple Dream

In 1981, Danny Vallejos' father came to the United States with little in his pocket except a strong work ethic and the simple dream of a better life for his family.  Danny, who was 21 at the time, had dreams of his own.  He also had the ambition, strength and independent spirit it would take to succeed in a new place.  So he accompanied his father and left their native Philippines to achieve the American Dream of a promising future.

Danny learned from his father that if you combine hard work and a solid plan to reach your goals, you were destined for success.  As the years passed, it became clear how true his father's words were.

Danny always preferred to support himself, even from a young age.  So it was no different when he came to the U.S.  He pursued a career upon his arrival and worked a grueling schedule to establish a solid base on which to build his dream.  For the first five years, he took the bus to both college and work before he had the means to buy a car,.  He soon embarked on a 23-year tenure at an electronics company, where his driven approach allowed him to quickly climb the corporate ladder and become production manager, all while attending night classes and holding down a part-time position in retail sales.  For this determined individual, it was worth the effort as he eventually achieved his goal - living the good life with a bright future for his children.

Today Danny is a devoted husband and proud father of a grown son and daughter.  He feels blessed to have the wealth of such a close family and a career he loves.  And he continually helps his children live their dreams with the same loving guidance and support his father gave him.

However, it's not only his children's aspirations that motivate him.  In fact, in his career as a leading real estate professional serving Corona and the neighboring cities, he finds his geatest satisfaction working with his clients, and he's driven to achieve their home buying or selling goals.

With his characteristic tenacious and dedicated approach, Danny listens carefully to your goals, and won't give up until they've been reached to your satisfaction.  He brings to the table more than his years of experience and expertise of the area.  He has a strong head for business and is tapped into the cutting-edge technology of the industry.  His unmatched expertise and keen ability to develop realistic plans to reach your goals is just the advantage you need in today's complex and ever-changing real estate market.

When it's time to take your real estate dreams to the next level and turn them into reality, Danny Vallejos goes the extra mile to handle the task quickly, skillfully and knowledgeably.  He ensures your experience will be rewarding, he makes the process comfortable and treats your needs with care and confidentiality.  When you work with Danny, you can Live the Dream in real estate.

Danny Vallejos Can Turn Your Real Estate Dreams Into Reality
Danny Vallejos is a man who understands what it means to have a dream.  He also knows it takes effort and knowledge to turn a dream into reality.  In his career as a real estate professional specializing in Corona and the surrounding area, he is skilled at working with his clients' specific criteria and bringing their vision of home ownership and financial security to fruition.

With his years of experience in all aspects of the real estate industry, there is no one better suited to assist you in reaching your goals.  Willing to work tirelessly toward your satisfaction, Danny is well verse in loans and contract negotiation and carries a level of expertise that is second to none.  With him you can Live the Dream of investment success.  Call him today for a confidential consultation.

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