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Lita has lived in Tustin for almost 30 years and has been in real estate  since 1998. She enjoys working with people and is committed, dedicated and trustworthy.  She believes that an agent must be knowledgeable and experienced in the real estate business.

Lita has a degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting and is a licensed tax preparer.  Her extensive experience in accounting and income tax is a huge plus in her real estate business.  She is able to explain to her clients the financial and tax consequences they are getting into and can help them make wise decisions.

She speaks English and Tagalog (Philippines) and understand some Spanish.

If you are buying, she will show you how to get the most home for your money, listen carefully to what you need and want in a home and guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.  If you are selling, she will help you get the most value from your home, share techniques and tips that will help sell your property quickly and market it for maximum exposure to the public.  Lita is proud of her expertise in real estate and tells her clients:  "I will work hard to provide you with quality personal service; I will make sure you are happy and satisfied."

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