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 Managing Broker / Regional V.P. Bob Arneal believes: "Knowledge is Power"

Bob's training and coaching programs empower his agents to demonstrate their command of the business to their clients, and earn the respect of their industry colleagues.  With knowledge comes confidence -- and with confidence comes listings and sales.  Knowing what you're doing makes this business more fun and less stressful.

Thinking about a career in real estate?  Call Bob today for more info at (714) 386-3499 (desk direct) or email him at barneal@tarbell.com.  

Tarbell's "North Orange County" office in Yorba Linda is one of the most Award-Winning offices in the company.  It's also one of the largest offices in Orange County.  What a great team!  In 2014, this office boasted having 25% of the top 40 agents in the whole company.

Many of our agents here have been with Tarbell for over 20 years.  That means there's a lot of experienced agents here to help you.  And it's a busy place!  A lot of people doing a lot of business creates enthusiasm and a positive energy that is both contagious and inspirational.

Because we are organized, focused and upbeat, this office produces exciting results -- and we have a lot of fun along the way.  We guarantee you'll enjoy and appreciate Bob's weekly Tuesday morning office meetings.

Contact Bob today so you can hear more.  Let's find out if a new career in real estate sales is right for you. 


Managing Broker
Tarbell Realtors 
18565 Yorba Linda Blvd.
Yorba Linda, California 92886
(714) 386-3499 (direct line at office)

TESTIMONIALS:  What Bob's agents have to say:

"Bob has a very keen understanding of all aspects of real estate. Bob's guidance for both new and experienced agents is superb." 

"Bob regularly shares his extensive, up-to-date knowledge of real estate law, as well as information about changes in the industry, current trends and marketing ideas."

"Tarbell agents have a reputation in the industry as being the best trained agents.  Bob sets the tone for our office, and his dedication to his agents is evident daily."

"Although I have been in the business for over 25 years, I am still learning from Bob."

"Bob has to be the best Manager/Coach that an Agent could possibly ask for."

"Bob is very articulate, and provides wise solutions to unusual situations."

"It is a pleasure working with fellow agents who are willing to share, help and work as a team -- and Bob is the inspiration that holds our team together."

"Bob uses compassion, understanding and common sense to keep everything on an even keel with all the people in the office."

"Under Bob's management and with his encouragement I have received the "Best in Five" award for the last six years."

"Bob clarifies issues in an easy way, as well as follows up on lingering questions to ensure that I am on the right path."

"Bob motivates his team and is always very positive and enthusiastic."

"Bob always seems to be there at the right time when you need him.  He seems to have unending energy to keep the office running smoothly."

"My initial attraction to Tarbell was its reputation for training.  The reasons I stay, however, are twofold:  1. Manager Bob Arneal, and 2. The agents in this office."

Other information about Manager Bob Arneal:

*  Bob's background in real estate sales and extensive knowledge of real estate law and ethics have provided him with a great foundation from which to lead his agents to success.

*  Bob has been licensed since 1989, and has been a Tarbell Manager / Licensed Broker since 1993.

*  Bob is a Regional Vice President for Tarbell Realtors.  

Bob currently serves as Chairman of Tarbell Realtors Legal Committee.

Bob is a NON-COMPETING Manager.  Unlike most Managers, Bob never sells homes. If your Manager is out listing and selling, then who's going to be there for you when you need immediate help with your transaction?  Bob's only job is to help his agents succeed.  

Ready to join a winning team Call Bob at (
714) 386-3499 (desk direct) or email him at barneal@tarbell.com today!  

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