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For the past several years I have worked in the wholesale side of the furniture business.  I built my business with my dealers by being credible, honest, there when needed and I built a partnership.  I learned quickly if you want to build your business you have to work and work hard for your client. 

Leaving the business because of so much travel I decided that I would join Tarbell Realtor’s as an agent and work with clients who want to either buy or sell a home.  In my past business I had to find only the right items that would sell for my clients. Because the client had confidence in me we grew our business together.  Working with a client who is buying or selling a home for any number of reasons does not have to be a challenge once you know and understand the needs of your client.


I moved my family 9 times in 20 years throughout California, with 5 children, my wife and I quickly learned what a good agent had to do get our business.  If they were not good they were fired.  I would like to help you with your purchase or the sale of your home and not disrupt your family.   I don’t believe you can take the gun shot approach when showing a customer a home, nor can you use take the same approach when selling a home.  You have to work for your client and fill their need.


Please call me at 714 396.3861 or e-mail me at racatt@aol.com, I look forward to assisting you.


Tarbell offers all the services when you are buying or selling a home, Mission Hills Mortgage, Hartford Escrow, Landwood Title and Tarbell Insurance services.  Using all these services keeps you in control of your transaction and they are all owned by the Tarbell Family.  

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